Pictures from Willapa Players
"Play On!" A comedy by Rick Abbott
Winter Production (March 2014)
Directed by Dave Lund

"Play On!"


Aggie Manville: Tanya Schiller
Geraldine "Gerry" Dunbar: Heidi Stonebraker
Henry Benish/Lord Dudley: Matt Nordin
Polly Benish/Lady Margaret: Brenda Crummett
Marla "Smitty" Smith/Doris the Maid: Jordyn Crummett
Saul Watson/Dr. Rex Forbes: Curt Harris

Billy Carewe: Quintin Swanson
Violet Imbry/Diana Lassiter: Nicole Manlow
Louise Peary: Linda Anderson
Phyllis Montague: JoDean Jordan


Director: Dave Lund
Assistant Director: Emily Popovich
Lights and Sound: Russ Wiitala

Costumes: Rebekah Cowell
Set Design: Curt Harris, Bob Parks & Scott Cowell
Set Construction: Curt Harris, Bob Parks, & Scott Cowell

Posters & Programs: Gracie Manlow
Tickets: Heidi Stonebraker
Publicity: Gracie Manlow

  Play On 7
Tanya Schiller as Aggie Manville & Quintin Swanson as Billy Carewe

Play On 1
Left to Right: Nicole Manlow as Violet, Curt Harris as Saul, and
Brenda Crummett as Polly

Play On 3
Quintin Swanson as Billy and Nicole Manlow as Violet

Play On 5
Left to Right: Jordyn Crummett as "Smitty", Matt, Brenda, Nicki, Quintin, and Curt

Play On 7
Tanya Schiller as Aggie Manville and Quintin Swanson as Billy Carewe

Play On 9
Jordyn and Brenda Crummett

Play On 12
Curt Harris as Saul, JoDean Jordan as Phyllis, and Heidi Stonebraker as Gerry

Play On 2
Left to Right: Jordyn Crummett as "Smitty", Matt Nordin as Henry, Brenda Crummett as Polly, Quintin Swanson as Billy, Nicole Manlow as Violet, and Curt Harris as Saul

Play On 4
Curt (nice "do"), Nicki, Matt, and Brenda

Play On 6
Back Row: Matt, Quintin, Nicki, Tanya, Linda Anderson as Louise
Front Row: Brenda, Heidi Stonebraker as "Gerry", Curt

Play On 8
Brenda, Quintin, Matt, and Nicole

Play On 10
Linda Anderson as Louise Peary and most of Jordyn

Play On 11
Heidi Stonebraker as Gerry and Tanya Schiller as Aggie

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