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Monday, January 11, 2016
Thursday, January 14, 2016

"It's a Scream!" by David DeBoy
Directed by Jim White & LaRayne Watts

6:30 at the Hannan Playhouse across from the Eighth Street Park in Raymond


     Spencer has just inherited his father's film studio and thinks he knows better than his late father how to produce movies. The studio specializes in horror films and their biggest star is Alexander Moreau, a Karloff/Price/Carradine sort in whose mansion this comedy takes place. Spencer has come to inform Moreau that he is not renewing his contract. Moreau offers to demonstrate that he is still one scary guy. His proposition: if he can scare Sprencer out of his wits, he gets a contract and creative control. Moreau pulls it off in wacky thriller style.

Cast of Characters - 3m, 2f
Spencer Pierce - early thirties. Just inherited his father's movie studio and is pretty stuck up and insecure about it. His     insecurity escapes in the form of biting remarks with or without humor.

Maria Yocknestor - a tall, mysterious, housekeeper of indeterminable age or national origin, although she does speak with a strange accent.

Maxie - a middle-aged chauffer of Pierce's. He is nervous most of the time. Probably comes from some part of New Jersey.

Alexander Moreau - an aging horror film star. Rather normal looking - almost a grandfather type with a good sense of humor about himself and his career - such as it is. But, nonetheless, a man you wouldn't want to meet on the wrong side of a seance.

Elizabeth Borden - definately comes from part of New Jersey. Sharp-tongued, but pretty in a kooky sort of way. About 25 or so.