Pictures from Willapa Players
"Celestial Serendipity" by Russell Wiitala
Fall Production (November 2011)
Directed by Russell Wiitala

Ashlyn Rose (played by Violet Duckworth) opens the door to find a very interesting man, Barry Green (played by her real life husband Jerry Duckworth).

Bud White (played by Dave Lund), and his wife Ruth (played by Tena Boggs), think Madam Celeste (played by Rayetta Kenworthy), is having a convulsion when she goes into her routine of "going into her trance."

Madam Celeste is upset when Dr. Henry Weurth (played by Curt Harris), proposes to tape record their psychiatric session.

Mrs. Tara McBride (played by LaRayne Watts), demands an emergency session with Madam Celeste after the disastrous results of her last session.

Celeste, right, and her assistant Penelope (played by Jenny Allan), console themselves after a particularly trying day.



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