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To make a tax deductible donation to the Willapa Players print out our

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 To make a tax deductible donation to the Willapa Players print out our donation form

Since starting the Willapa Players advertisement and donation campaign in 1996, your generosity and support have made it possible for us to begin the much needed improvements to the Hannan Playhouse. Our first step was to build onto the existing structure an area for storing flats, wood, extra props, etc. The 'Wasberg Wing' was completed in September 1997. Step two was providing a new carpet for the lobby and auditorium, which was completed in November of 1997. The next step in our theater improvement schedule was to have the theater seats repaired and recovered. The Raymond Foundation and our many friends of this playhouse made this one more goal achieved. The 1998 - 1999 theatrical season opened with more comfortable and attractive seating. Step four was the construction of a handicapped/wheelchair accessible bathroom off the lobby. Many donations of time, resources and funds helped us complete the bathroom in time for our spring 2002 play's opening. Step five was upgrading the lighting and curtains both onstage and backstage. With assistance from the Raymond Foundation and the Willapa Heritage Foundation, we were able to improve those areas in time for our 2004 - 2005 season.

 Step by step we are ever nearer our goals of complete refurbishing. Our latest goals include new and improved security doors for the theater building front and back. We also need to re-roof the stage right addition due to leaks. After re-roofing the Playhouse needs to be insulated. Per request of our patrons, another addition to the Theater that we are planning to build is an enclosed, locking display case to be attached to the front of the Hannan Playhouse. This will make an easy and secure way to display upcoming shows, actors and other information. Our final 2008 - 2009 'to do' list will be the set-up of the Willapa Players' archives. We need to purchase archival quality materials to preserve and store the historic posters, programs, newspaper clippings, photos, etc. of the Willapa Players and the Hannan Playhouse.

 You have all done so much for the Hannan Playhouse and the Willapa Players. The Players as well have donated their time and skills, and many have donated money, tools, construction items, etc. To all of you a warm thank you from our hearts. Without everyone's help and skills we would never have attained so much. On our website there is a donation form if you would like to give, and we are always looking for those with carpentry, sewing and other skills to help backstage. If you would like to become part of the fun, contact the director of our current show, or any one of the other Players for additional information. Thank you so much.