Willapa Players
"George Washington Slept Here"
by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman
Fall Production (November 1958)
Directed by Jack Mathis




A Comedy in Three Acts
Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman


Produced by Special Arrangement with
Dramatist Play Service, Inc.


Directed by Jack Mathis
Marie Hannan, Assisting




236 First Street  Raymond, Washington

November 7; 14; 19; 26, 1958

The Setting
A farmhouse in Pennsylvania


Scene 1 - - May
Scene 2 - - June


Scene 1 - - A Friday in August
Scene 2 - - Sunday Afternoon


The following morning.

Ten minute intermission between Acts I and II


Production Staff

Iris Capps - Prompter
Pat Ali - Ticket Sales
Mary Jane Flynn - Telephone Chairman
Delores Halpin - Programs
Eleanor Mathis, Norma Briney, Marie Hannan - Publicity
Glen Capps, Cliff Mathis, Jim Kennedy - Stage Crew
Iris Capps, Gloria Kennedy, Beverly Mathis - Properties
Dora Watts - Sound Effects
Michele Jackson, John Hanson - Makeup

The Cast:

Mr. Kimber - - - Vern Carr
Newton Fuller - - - Robert Hannan
Annabelle Fuller - - - Audrey Dalinkus
Madge Fuller - - - Kathleen Longwith
Steve Eldridge - - - John Hanson
Katie - - - Dora Watts
Mrs. Douglas - - - Norma Briney
Clayton Evans - - - Robert Claunch
Rena Leslie - - - Frances Bussabarger
Hester - - - Mary Lou Hunter
Raymond - - - Kenneth Flynn, Jr.
Uncle Stanley - - - Charles Hutchins
Bill Frazer - - - Gerald Rutherford
Tommy Hughes - - - Larry George
Sue Barrington - - - Colleen Fykerude
Miss Wilcox - - - Charlotte Kochopulos
Mr. Prescott - - - James Watts




Community Concerts Association
Ford Electric Service
Mathis Plumbing Company
Murphy Mortuary
Pacific County Lumber Company, Inc.
Pacific Hardware & Appliance
Raymond Theaters
Rhodes Paint & Wallpaper Company
Twin Harbors Lumber Co., Mill "B"
Watts Plumbing & Heating Service
Western Auto Supply Company
** And to all others who contributed so generously to this production.



Little Theatre Provides Plush Home for Willapa Players  By W. G. Sargent (Oct. 30, 1958 Harbor Herald & Advertiser)

A couple of  days ago I was asked to step into the little theatre which is being constructed from an old tavern near the southern end of First street in Raymond.  It is expected to house the productions of the Willapa Players, an active group of amateur thespians whose previous exploits have amused the local play-going public in the altogether too vast and unprepossessing expanses of the Raymond high school auditorium.  I believe the new quarters are to be prosaically named the Willapa Playhouse.  I had previously vehemently argued for the name "Phoenix" but the allusion was apparently too far fetched, so Willapa Playhouse it is.  And "Phoenix" would require so many fewer electric bulbs for the marquee!  The exterior of the building is quite unremarkable save for the door which has a comfortable and confidence-inspiring solidity.  But once inside, what a revelation!  The lobby extends across the front of the building, no great width, indeed, and it has a depth of only six feet.  But it is lined on three sides from ceiling to floor with heavy luscious red velvet.  This air of casual luxury is a welcome surprise from the drab exterior, and serves to prepare the play-goer for more pleasant surprises beyond.  For one steps directly through the foyer into the auditorium and what a misnomer that is, for the very word auditorium conjures up the idea of a large and spacious hall, whereas the room one has entered has a delightful miniature air.  The regulation size cushioned seats look positively gigantic in this intimate chamber.  There are only nine rows of eight seats, four on each side of the carpeted center aisle.  The back rows of seats are elevated so it is quite probable that the view of the stage is good from every seat in the Lilliputian Theatre.
The stage is, of course, also raised about three feet.  And hanging down in front of the stage is a breathtakingly glamorous curtain which seems to be made entirely of sequins.  This glistens and shines in an absolutely fabulous fashion.  I believe that lights have been placed so as to throw direct beams on this fantastic curtain.  Over above this sequin curtain is a valance or lambrequin of cherry red satin gorgeously and ornately looped with golden cords.  The effect is truly marvelous, and I was absolutely stunned when I entered this little hall.  All it needs to be truly in keeping is a crystal chandelier and gold or silver sconces on the side walls.  It is indeed a phoenix risen from the ashes.  Be it said in a few words that though the stage appears small, it will doubtless prove to be adequate.  Behind the stage are dressing rooms and lavatory facilities.  This is the type of theatre in which I would expect to hear chamber music, but I probably never shall as that type of music is currently not riding the crest of popularity.  It is also the type of hall in which one might expect to see and hear a little serious drama.  Likewise, it should prove ideal for small musical affairs and recitals.  But I wonder if a decent piano could be got into the minuscule hall.  I understand that a play is to be produced there in November - for several performances.  With only seventy-two seats to be occupied, it should be a warming sight to the actors to see a theatre full of people.  I'm wondering how applause will sound there - it might be thunderous, in intent as well as decibel, we hope!  This little theatre should prove to be exactly what the Willapa Players need for their activities.  I hope that they make much use of it, and that it will be filled to the ramparts for their every production.


Players Date First Play at Little Theatre (Oct. 30, 1958 Harbor Herald & Advertiser)

The first play to be produced by the Willapa Players in the new Willapa Playhouse on First street, will be "George Washington Slept Here".  The comedy will have its premiere showing Friday evening, November 7, at 8:15.  It will also mark the grand opening of the Willapa Playhouse.  Performing in this three-act comedy will be Audry Dalinkus, Robert Hannan, and a cast of 15 supporting players.  Four showings are scheduled.  The two Friday night showings will be Nov. 7 and 14 and two Wednesday shows on Nov. 19 and 26.  Tickets are available from members of the Harbor Players, Margaret Rhinehart at the Willapa Hotel, and at the Scavenger Shop at 117 Duryea.


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