"Jack and the Giant Beanstalk"
By Linda Daugherty
Directed by LaRayne Watts
Our annual Summer Youth Theatre featured talented youngsters from our own area. Simon Crane, a 13-year-old, undertakes the leading role of Jack, and 13-year-old Jennifer Griggs plays his mother. Taylor Thompson, another 13-year-old, plays the role of The Giant's Wife, and yet another 13-year-old, Chris Hudnall, doubles in two roles, that of Jack's Father and The Peddler. Sisters Chloe Crane, age 12, and Sadie Crane, age 9, also play two roles: Chloe as The Golden Harp and The Townsman and Sadie as The Chicken and Adelaid, a street urchin. The parts of the two fruit sellers, Lady Pomegranate and Lady Plum, are played by 11-year-old Cieman Vein and 10-year-old Kennis Harland. Tanner Anderson, age 8, plays Ned, the leader of the gang of urchins, which consists of Tom, played by 8-year-old Estephan Anderson; Sam played by Eliot Niles, age 9, and Lucy Crane, age 8. Estephan, Eliot and Tanner also double as sailors.

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