Willapa Players
"The Lighter Side of Chekhov" by Anton Chekhov
Spring Production (May - June 2010)
Directed by Curt Harris

"The Dangers of Tobacco"

This show is about a henpecked husband (played by Scott Cowell) whose wife runs a boarding school and insists that her husband give a speech about "The Dangers of Tobacco."


"The Festivities"

A pompous, self-important bank manager (played by Curt Harris), his overworked, anti-social, and perpetually angry clerk (played by Dennis Wasberg), his superficial, self-absorbed wife (played by Heidi Stonebraker), and a crazy women who comes looking for a pension for her husband (played by Rayetta Kenworthy).


"The Proposal"

A long-suffering wealthy landowner (played by Jim White), his daughter (played by Heidi Stonebraker), who is long past the marrying age, and their neighbor, (played by Dennis Wasberg). The nervous young neighbor comes to propose to the daughter. Instead of making the proposal, the two young people get involved in comic arguments.


"Swan Song"

An aging actor (played by Bob Stalder) wakes up in a darkened theater after falling into a drunken sleep. He begins to doubt his talent and think about his mortality. He is terrified when he thinks a ghost appears, but its only the theater's prompter (played by Jim Watts) who tries to reassure him. . The actor tells him stories of his life and also of his doubts about his career. Unburdened, he goes off cheered, reciting great speeches from Shakespeare.


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