Pictures from Willapa Players
"A Month of Sundays" by Bob Larbey
Spring Production (May 2008)
Directed by Liz McCollum, Assistant Director Lisa Mullen


Lisa Mullen as Nurse Wilson

Tena Boggs as Mrs. Baker

Jim White as Aylott



Denny Wasberg as Cooper


John Limitone as Peter


Wendy Manlow as Julia

Peter (John Limitone) and Julia (Wendy Manlow) try to help Cooper (Denny Wasberg) up off floor

Cooper (Denny Wasberg) and Aylott (Jim White) toast to life

Nurse Wilson (Lisa Mullen) kisses Cooper's cheek (Denny Wasberg)


Mrs. Baker (Tena Boggs) accepts gift of whiskey from Cooper (Denny Wasberg)

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