Pictures from Willapa Players
"The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie
Winter Production (March 2008)
Directed by LaRayne Watts, Assistant Director Scott Cowell



John Limitone as Giles Ralston

Kevin Pettit as Christopher Wren

Heide Stonebraker as Mollie Ralston


Hannah Bale as Miss Casewell

Curt Harris as Mr. Paravicini

Jim White as Major Metcalf



Wilma Dunsmoor as Mrs. Boyle

Troy Jasmin as Detective Sergeant Trotter

Top row L to R: Scott Cowell (Assistant Director), John Limitone, Troy Jasmin, Curt Harris, Jim White, Kevin Pettit
Center row L to R: Hannah Bale, Wilma Dunsmoor, Heidi Stonebraker
Bottom row L to R: (Technical Crew) - Ashley McCoy, Kodi Simpson, Effa Winslow, Marie Mathis

Giles Ralston (left), played by John Limitone, tries to save his wife Mollie (center), played by Heidi Stonebraker, from the clutches of the mysterious, but charming, Mr. Paravicini (right), played by Curt Harris.

Miss Casewell (left), played by Hannah Bale, breaks down in tears while being interrogated by Detective Sergeant Trotter (right), played by Troy Jasmin.

Mrs. Boyle (left), played by Wilma Dunsmoor, reacts angrily to Christopher Wren's (right), played by Kevin Pettit, cruel joke about strangling a woman.

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