Willapa Players
"My Three Angels"
by Sam & Bella Spewack
Spring Production (March 1958)
Directed by Jack Mathis

From the Aberdeen Daily World March 1958

'Angels' Drama Draws Praises By DR. W. G. SARGENT

RAYMOND (Special) - The old and much overworked phrase "from bad to worse" most certainly does not apply to the latest in the series of dramas given by the Willapa Harbor Players; quite the contrary.  Their most recent production "My Three Angels" provided a splendid vehicle for the troupe, and let us say without further ado that it was a great success in all respects; all respects save one, that is, and that was the one of audience size, at least on the first night.  The curtain rose shortly after the appointed hour on a very convincing scene, a French Colonial living room on a tropical island, on which is located a penal institution.  This setting serves for the entire play.
The plot is concerned with a charming but rather ineffective family and the problems encountered due to their own inadequacies.  A regular Scrooge of a cousin, who finances the family and the store, arrives for an accounting and the troubles multiply.  A frustrated love affair adds piquant complications.  The three angels, who are trustees from the prison, solve all the difficulties in their own inimitable manner and everything ends on a happy note.  The financial situation is relieved and there is even a probable happy outcome for the frustrated love affair.  All the characters except one, a walk on part, albeit a handsome one, have starring roles; but it is the "Angels" whose stars shone with especial effulgence.  They are on the stage a great deal of the time and really are the backbone of the comedy, welding it all together into a well-knit whole.
The costuming was good and quite appropriate to the time, 1910.  The makeup, too, was commendable, especially that of the penny-pinching Trochard.  The entire production evidenced the splendid direction of Betty Mullen.  The cast was composed of William E. Foster, Betty Mullen, Michele Millican, Marion Davis, Robert A. Hannan, James L. Kennedy, James Watts, Jack Mathis, Keith Townsend, and Clyde Jackson.  One could wish that this splendid group of amateur Thespians might be induced to produce a play twice a year, as their plays get better and better with the passing of the years.  One might also wish that they could find a better place to produce their plays.  The barren reaches of the Raymond high school auditorium are bleak indeed with only a couple of hundred auditors.  Let us hope that a more intimate theater can be found soon. 


Harbor Players' Cast in Rehearsal (Harbor Herald & Advertiser March 13, 1958)
Rehearsals are well underway for the comedy "My Three Angels" which will be presented by the Harbor Players on April 10 and 11 in the Raymond high school auditorium.  The play is being directed by Mrs. Betty Mullen who is also in the cast.  Other characters are being portrayed by William Foster, Michele Millican, Marion Davis, Robert Hannan, Jim Kennedy, Jim Watts, Jack Mathis, Keith Townsend and Dr. Clyde Jackson.  The next regular meeting of the Players will be in the Navajo Room of Bridges Inn Friday at 8 p.m.


Players' Due On Stage Here April 10 - 11 (Harbor Herald & Advertiser April 3, 1958)

The Harbor Players spring production "My Three Angels" will be presented to the public April 10 and 11 at the Raymond high school auditorium.  Playing the "Angels" in the hilarious comedy are Bob Hannan, Jim Watts and Jim Kennedy - Michele Millican is cast as the feminine lead.  Lending support to the stars will be Jack Mathis, Keith Townsend, Marion Davis, Dr. Clyde Jackson, Betty Mullen and Bill Foster.  Mrs. Mullen is also directing the production.  Behind the scenes work has been carried on by Bobbie Ann Murray, Marie Hannan, Eleanor Mathis and Iris Capps, who have charge of all properties including the 1910 period costumes.  The curtain will go up each night at 8:15.  Funds raised by the Players group will be used to improve lighting in the high school auditorium.


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