Pictures from Willapa Players

"A Night of Pacific County One-Acts"


Stage Managers: Evonne Watt, Ann Yancey
Lights & Sound: Ashton Hudnall, Russ Wiitala
Set Construction: Denny Wasberg, Andy Mullen, Russ Wiitala, Ashton Hudnall, Hawkin Winslow, Gracie Manlow & Rebecca Manlow
Special Scenery Art: Jewel Hardy
Front of House Chairman: Heidi Stonebraker
Props: Ugly Ed & Deb's New & Used, Laurie Carter - The Imperial Schooner, Pete Darrah, cast & crew
Costumes: LaRayne Watts (Supervisor), John Limitone
Tickets: Wilma Dunsmoor, Liz McCollum
Posters & Programs: Liz McCollum
Publicity: LaRayne Watts
Photography: LaRayne Watts
Videography: Oralia Rojas, Corrina Morales, Ann Yancey


Beware the Stranger
By Russell Wiitala
Directed by Wilma Dunsmoor
CAST: (back) - Tena Boggs as Frannie; Jim White as Ron; Director Wilma Dunsmoor
(front) - Jake Funkhouser as Joe; Russ Wiitala as Buck, the stranger; Gracie Manlow as Betty.

Betty  (played by Gracie Manlow, seated right) and Joe (played by Jake Funkhouser, seated center) are frightened when Buck, the mysterious stranger (played by Russ Wiitala, right) tells them what he can do with his knife.

Ron (played by Jim White, seated center) and his wife Frannie (played by Tena Boggs, seated right) try to ease the tension by playing a game of Scrabble with Buck, the mysterious stranger, (played by Russ Wiitala, seated left) while their children, Joe (played by Jake Funkhouser, standing left) and Betty (played by Gracie Manlow, standing right) look on.

Betty (played by Gracie Manlow, standing right) quips Its the Mustard family in the cabin with the pistol, hatchet, rope and poker, when her family becomes fearful and captures the suspicious stranger Buck (played by Russ Wiitala, seated center). Also shown (standing from left to right) are Ron (played by Jim White), Joe (played by Jake Funkhouser), and Frannie (played by Tena Boggs)

Dissention Among the Ranks
By Jan Bono
Directed by LaRayne Watts

CAST: (back) Gracie Manlow as Yorka, the Scandivanian maidservant; Playwright Jan Bono; Liz McCollum as Sgt. Patricia Gass.
(front) Nadine Zakel as Capt. Mary Esther Lewis; Tena Boggs as Capt. Wilma Clark.


Queen of Hearts: A Mississippi Riverboat Romance
By Jan Bono
Directed by Liz McCollum
More Rehearsal Pictures

CAST: (back) Jim Watts as Albert Vanderhoff, the millionaire; Jason Whited as Paul Hanson, tourist from Midwest; Director Liz McCollum; John Limitone, as John Stewart, waiting for a blind date; Russ Wiitala as Bill, the bartender; Playwright Jan Bono.
(front) LaRayne Watts as Mabel Vanderhoff, millionaire's wife; Lisa Mullen as Esther Hanson, tourist from Midwest; Ann Yancey (empty chair) as Donna Douglas, blind date who has not arrived; Jenny Allan as Patty Andrews, the cruise director.